Mambu is the SaaS banking engine powering innovative loan and deposit products, the lean alternative to cumbersome core banking systems. Helping  clients to successfully start up business ventures, transform existing operations, launch new products and expand into new markets. Mambu provides financial institutions of all sizes with the agility to rapidly design, launch, service and scale their banking and lending portfolio.

We believe that a great company is built on great people. We are proud to have brought together incredibly bright minds to help make financial services ready for the 21st century. Our clients understand what it takes to succeed in a fully digital world and our team is a trusted partner in their endeavours.

We are looking for a passionate, skilled and enthusiastic engineering and operations lead to join our team. As a Platform and Reliability Engineering Champion, you will support and serve a multi-site team of highly professional and motivated engineers to build and maintain a highly available, performant, scalable, cost-effective, reliable and secure Mambu Cloud Platform using the latest tools and technologies. We have an exciting roadmap of new features and technical challenges ahead and need someone with the skills and experience to keep up with our fast-paced environment.

What you’ll be working on:

  • Build and serve a successful and highly motivated team of Engineers by:
    • Defining scorecards and hiring practices specific to the domain;
    • Establishing a holistic coaching and mentorship principles and ensuring each team member receives fair & on-time feedback sessions;
    • Designing & coordinating efficient onboardings;
    • Establishing trust-based blameless environment in a globally distributed team;
    • Coaching and guiding the team in challenging situations, on their way to the mastery.
  • Establish systematic Reliability Assurance practices by:
    • Establishing and continuously monitoring and improving Incident Response practices;
    • Periodically and regularly executing Disaster role play;
    • Establishing consistent and timely communication practices, including incident status reports, SLA reports and other.
  • Establish holistic Data-Driven practices by:
    • Establishing proactivity in all aspects of Reliability Engineering and Assurance;
    • Detecting and identifying issues before users are impacted;
    • Continuously improving holistic telemetry, including business, application and infrastructure metrics.
  • Drive the implementation and maintenance of the Platform by:
    • Ensuring operational and software maintenance of a platform as internal product;
    • Defining and executing platform strategy and roadmap;
    • Automating to maintain efficiency and foster continuous flow.
  • Facilitate collaboration with other stakeholders by:
    • Defining way of working, processes and practices to organise seamless collaboration with Customer Support, Customer Success Management and other stakeholders within and outside of organisation;
    • Proactively engaging with Feature Teams to improve architecture and the way of working;
    • Helping in improving the product by establishing Service Level Objectives and Error Budgets;
    • Working with Feature Teams to jointly establish Service Level Objectives as well as telemetry and processes to leverage it.

You need to have:

  • Bachelor’s or higher in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related;
  • Strong people management and leadership skills;
  • Strong communication and self-organizing skills;
  • Solid background in software engineering and infrastructure/cloud operations;
  • A proactive and can-do attitude;
  • Ability to work calm under pressure;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

It would be great if you also had:

  • Platform & Infrastructure Architecture, as well as Automation best practices;
  • Experience in managing and operating container-based environments with Kubernetes, Dockers (or similar).

Why Mambu?

  • Mambu has over 180 live deployments, helping to revolutionise financial services in more than 45 countries globally, and we’re just getting started.
  • Our clients include FinTech innovators, traditional banks, business and consumer lenders as well as P2P platforms who are all looking to grow and scale.
  • We understand nothing ensures our customers‘ success more than a happy team, so Mambu is built on a culture of trust and a sense of ownership in everything we do.
  • Mambu proactively takes the initiative to improve the industry for the better.

If you are thrilled by the opportunity to join our multinational team on its unique mission – we need to talk and will be excited to hear from you!