Senior Risk Analyst (m/f)

CrossLend is a B2B FinTech company with a mission to make the European debt ecosystem more efficient, transparent and profitable. We provide securitisation as a service, transforming loans into notes on a portfolio or 1 loan:1 note basis. Our innovative securitisation setup allows investors to build diversified portfolios of loans (via notes) at a pan-European level, while enjoying greater risk transparency. On the other hand, loan originators profit from flexible opportunities to scale their lending business – opening up much-needed financing avenues to small and medium-sized businesses across Europe. A win-win-win situation for all. Backed by an array of prestigious equity investors from Europe and the U.S., CrossLend plans to establish an international exchange where various forms of debt can be bought and sold.
Your role & responsibilities
  • Design and implement a risk score monitoring and risk rating facility for consumer and SME lending products
  • Demonstrate proficiency in scorecard development and deliver segmentations, as well as other advanced analytical tools for consumer and SME credit risk decisions and other areas of the business
  • Perform analysis of key quantitative and qualitative factors influencing credit quality of borrowers and SMEs
  • Establish score validation and strategy
  • Establish thought leadership and documentation on future analytical strategies and procedures
  • Train and mentor other employees in experimental design and analytical concepts and processes

Our ideal match

  • 7+ years’ experience in quantitative analytics & statistical modelling in the field of consumer or/and SME credit risk – specifically credit decision models
  • Must have Master’s or Advanced Degree in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Econometrics, Engineering or other quantitative discipline. PhD strongly preferred
  • Professional background in capital markets and/or credit analysis and well developed financial statement analysis skills
  • Experience with multiple consumer and SME lending product portfolios
  • Experience with credit analyses in the context of securitization transactions or other transactions involving sales of loan portfolios
  • Developed understanding of the securitization market, multiple asset classes and types of structures
  • Experience in interpreting complex legal documents such as bank agreements and bond indentures
  • Diligence, with strong quantitative and investigative skills
  • Ambition to deepen their exposure to, and understanding of, the debt capital markets
  • Ability to develop strong working relationships and communicate clearly
  • Candidates will be expected to show good judgment of risks and a solid understanding of financial products and risk management concepts such as VaR, stress testing, and scenario analysis
  • A general understanding of regulatory capital frameworks, such as Basel 3, is a plus
  • Desire to join high impact, entrepreneurial team

What we offer 

  • A work environment with more than 40 committed colleagues from all over the world
  • CrossLend offices are located in one of the most vibrant and exciting capitals in Europe
  • Flexible working hours and a family friendly environment
  • Concrete learning and development opportunities through regular workshops
  • As a way to unwind from work, we have meditation classes
  • Regular update meetings on the company’s achievements, challenges & future forecast

Über CrossLend GmbH

About CrossLend: 

At CrossLend, we’re proud to be trailblazers in the bold new world of digital credit mediation and financing, with our pioneering cross-border marketplace lending platform.

It’s our vision to resolve the supply and demand dilemma of traditional lending in the European market by connecting borrowers from high-interest rate countries with investors from low-interest rate countries, through our unique cross-border marketplace lending platform. We’re bridging Europe’s credit divide to create fresh opportunities for people on both sides of the coin.