Senior Python Developer (m/f) – Data Science Team

About CrossLend: 

CrossLend is a B2B FinTech company with a mission to make the European debt ecosystem more efficient, transparent and profitable. We provide securitisation as a service, transforming loans into notes on a portfolio or 1 loan:1 note basis. Our innovative securitisation setup allows investors to build diversified portfolios of loans (via notes) at a pan-European level, while enjoying greater risk transparency. On the other hand, loan originators profit from flexible opportunities to scale their lending business – opening up much-needed financing avenues to small and medium-sized businesses across Europe. A win-win-win situation for all. Backed by an array of prestigious equity investors from Europe and the U.S., CrossLend plans to establish an international exchange where various forms of debt can be bought and sold.

Your role & responsibilities

  • You will be the person responsible for all technical decisions. Our data science system makes decisions on loans which amounts sum up to 7 figures per month.
  • You will retrieve data from any source (mostly APIs), wrangle it and integrate it into our system.
  • You will prioritize your own work and find pragmatic solutions to our problems.
  • You are not scared of doing different things. You can work close to DevOps, web services or PHP programmers in a given moment.
  • You will help us build a team of Pythoners in the near future.

Our ideal match

  • You are a Python guru and you have some experience with libraries like numpy and pandas.
  • You have solid experience with relational databases. You don’t have to write code for a problem that you can solve with some SQL tricks.
  • You have a solid background in math and statistics, you are not scared of code that performs interpolations and statistic calculations.
  • You know when and how to say no to stakeholders.
  • You bulletproof your code against errors and strive to make it beautiful and simple.
  • You are capable of working with machine learning specialists.
  • You are fluent in English and willing to learn (some) financial language.

What we offer

  • A work environment with more than 40 committed colleagues from all over the world
  • CrossLend offices are located in one of the most vibrant and exciting capitals in Europe
  • Flexible working hours and a family friendly environment
  • Concrete learning and development opportunities through regular workshops
  • As a way to unwind from work, we have meditation classes
  • Regular update meetings on the company’s achievements, challenges & future forecast

Über CrossLend GmbH

About CrossLend: 

At CrossLend, we’re proud to be trailblazers in the bold new world of digital credit mediation and financing, with our pioneering cross-border marketplace lending platform.

It’s our vision to resolve the supply and demand dilemma of traditional lending in the European market by connecting borrowers from high-interest rate countries with investors from low-interest rate countries, through our unique cross-border marketplace lending platform. We’re bridging Europe’s credit divide to create fresh opportunities for people on both sides of the coin.